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/ january 31, 2012

Here we are once again for the release of yet another of DOF's issue, and this one is a bit... hmmm, how can I put it?! Let's just say that it falls in the NSFW category. So... a word of advice, wait until you get home, pour yourself a glass of your finest wine, tune down the lights, sit back and enjoy. An issue to awake and arouse your sensuality.

/ september 19, 2011

I’m incommensurable happy... a new issue is again out there, roaming the screens of the world, filling your eyes with awe-inspiring photos from one of the most beautiful animal I had the pleasure to befriend. This is a tribute to Becas, my old black cat...

/ march 22, 2011

I know I’ve been falling behind on my publishing duties, but truth is I’ve been so busy with other side projects that this one started to lag a bit. I haven’t forgot it, in fact I even have one more issue half way trough, but at this moment I have other, more pressing subjects to deal with... So, bare with me just a little longer. In the mean time you can see how great DOF looks on my recently acquired iPad! link

/ december 02, 2010

wow, I still can’t believe that it’s done. after all this time and jumping around from making the last issue to adapting DOF for the printed version, finally I can lean back and enjoy my cup of tea while it snows outside. 

/ june 29, 2010

maybe it was the sun, or the beers under it... maybe it was waking up too early or going to bed to late... maybe it was from running too much, or sitting outside doing too little... whatever side project/excuse that delayed this issue, it delayed long enough.

dof #4 has broken loose and is out there...

/ april 24, 2010

even without internet connection for more than 3 months, dof #3 sees the internet light out of a computer in the public library.

/ march 31, 2010

dof joins DeviantART in an attempt to widen her search scope.

/ february 05, 2010

dof reaches the Facebook 1000 fans milestone. so far it has been viewed by more than 3000 readers and has about 46.000 pageviews.

/ january 19, 2010

after a christmas and new years eve loooong break, dof #2 is finally published. visitors and readers are still way above expected.

/ november 11, 2009

dof #1 is officially published.

a nerve racking silence accompanies the waiting for replies and comments from the blood thirsty reviewers.

/ october 11, 2009

dof #0 is released into the wild.

featuring only photos from yours truly, it sets out on a quest of self discovery.

/ september 20, 2009

out of a long sleepless night of internet mind traveling comes out the bright idea of actually putting to good use all that wasted time.

a sort of magazine is outlined with one though in mind... photography, also... "if you build it, they will come..."

online photography magazine

blog .